Samadam provides a written guarantee for health and temperament to all purchasers. We provide copies of genetic clearances upon request to purchasers. We also provide a 5-generation pedigree to all puppy buyers for their records.
Samadam obtains clearances on breeding stock on eyes (CERF) yearly and hips/elbows are certified clear through OFA / DAJ or OFFA Services.
Samadam registers all Labrador Retrievers with the C.K.C. and abides by their rules and regulations. We keep records of matings, pedigrees, sales, and transfers and pass on only accurate records and pedigrees to purchasers of stock or services, and not in any circumstances are knowingly a part of, or contribute to, false registration.
We request that puppy buyers send photos their dog. We use these as reference for future breedings, as well as allowing for bragging of the proud owners.
Samadam will not sell, consign, transfer puppies or adults to pet shops, wholesale dealers, contest sponsors, or anyone known to degrade the Labrador Retriever breed or purebred dogs, or to individuals breeding and/or selling to the aforementioned.
Samadam sells all pets on non-breeding contracts which can only be removed with proof of hip and eye clearances, genetic DNA clearances of EIC, CNM, and have obtained Championships in at least one of the conformation/hunting/obedience titles. We must ensure they are sound in conformation and temperament and are suitable for breeding to protect the reputation of the breed, the general public and of course our respected name as breeders. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse any transfer of our pups/dog/bitches should they not be up to our opinion of a true Canadian Labrador Retriever.
Samadam replaces or provides a  any pup or dog sold by us which is certified OFA/OFFA to have Hip Dysplasia up to 2 years of age, or who develops PRA before the age of 6 years. Should the owners decide to option the $400 refund then the pup/dog/bitch is to be returned to us and no further fee or animal will be provided.

These guarantees are contingent on the clients maintaining proof of dog food purchases identifying type of food purchased.

Puppies are only to be fed Purina Pro Plan Adult food or Purina ONE for the 24 months of their life. Puppies are only to be fed Pro Plan Puppy food that we have given the owners and then they are to be put on Pro Plan Adult food – either chicken, or Lamb And Rice Or Purina ONE for the first 24 months of their life. They are NOT to be fed Large breed puppy food.

SAMADAM requires owners to only spay/neuter their dogs and bitches once they have reached the age of 18 months but preferably 24 months in order to protect these dogs from bone/cancer occurring ailments caused by the procedure. We are backed up by this requirement through exhaustive studies carried out by various reliable sources. AND if you like the conformation/looks of their parents does it not make sense that you allow them to mature to their full potential…meaning keep them intact at least until they are 24 months of age.

“Mounting” or other negative behaviour is circumvented through obedience training and behaviour modification…it is not sexual – it is lack of training and moderate enforcement that will instill the place of your dog in your “pack”  And yes it requires a lot of time and energy on your part, as much as we have put into our dogs. If you have to say “OFF” 25 times then you have to say it 25 times. Keep calm, don’t get excited just say to yourself “he will do it, I just have to keep saying it to him.” WE have found that you must attend at least 2 sets of obedience classes…and we mean attend them all. They will be happier and more content knowing that YOU are their Alpha and their place is after you and other members of the family.