Samadam’s Hearts On Fire Elvira

Samadam’s Hearts On Fire (Elvira)

This broke my heart…loosing her was so very very hard. Took me weeks before I can actually

stop breaking. I have been so lucky to have had such true companions…

Elvira is a true water dog.

Full clearances available upon request


Elvira’s lines go back to our very first black male that we used when we were training obedience classes way back when. Elvira has the same happy attitude and loves people. They are my companions and their babies are the same as their parents…and will easily be your companions with proper training and patience.

It seems that everyone who walks in the door wants to take Elvira home with them. I am constantly having to watch my brother as he leaves. If she was small enough I’m sure he’d stuff her in his pocket.

So we kept 2 bitches from her litters – one we kept from her litter with Sebastian….Olivia. You can see his face in her’s. She turned out a little smaller than her Mom but her pups are a really good size. The second bitch we kept from her litter with Brutus. She’s a very dark chocolate girl we called Maeghan.

Till then it’s me and Elvira. She is the absolute best example of the Canadian Labrador Retriever. She walks the aisles of Home Hardware looking for anyone who she can look deep into their eyes with her soft brown ones and they’ll start to tell me stories of their labs they used to have.  All the while Elvira is sitting with that lean to her sit…soaking in the pets and admiration.

That’s the best kind of dog to have.