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We are not sure when we will be allowing kennel visits. It all depends on when the world becomes safe once again.

When we have pups we do put photographs of them on our website and will also forward photos and video to our puppy buyers. If you do not put a reservation on one of our pups make sure you watch our site for any available dogs.

We will reserve a pup for you with a $400.00 reservation fee. Otherwise you can watch the website and when we indicate that we do have any pups available you can contact us at that time. The $400 reserve is non-refundable unless she doesn’t have the puppy you wanted…eg: yellow male. You will then be given the option to have another available puppy from that litter, or to put your reserve fee on another impending litter or we will refund your fee.
The final payment ($2100.00) is due in cash or by E-transfer a few days before pickup of your puppy – the total cost will be $2500.00 for our 8 week old puppies.

We keep the pups for 8 weeks.   Our vet will do a health clearance and the first set of vaccinations (proof of vaccinations provided) you will need to take your pup to your own vet within 48 hours to ensure the health of the puppy. The pup’s second set of vaccines are to be done at 12 weeks and at 16 weeks again adding rabies.

The CKC non-breeding registration (transferred to you when the pup is neutered/spayed only after 18 months) tattooed on the right ear,,. dewormed at least 2x, provided with a 5 generation pedigree and we will send you our SAMADAM manual to assist you with the first year.
We choose the pup for each family using responses on the puppy questionnaire and our conversations.

When we have older pups/dogs we will be selling them with the appropriate shots/tests done depending on their age as well as the training they come with will be reflected by the price. We always tell buyers that they should allow for a reasonable amount of time for the dog to acclimatize themselves to their new home. It’s quite unsettling for the transition from one home to another. But usually, their Labrador temperament shows itself with the way they blend into their new family.